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Are Your Employees Marching to the Beat of Their Own Drum?

Published September 16, 2016 (last updated November 19, 2020) -

As a business owner or employer, you have the skill, authority and know how to get things done, the way you want things to be done. This, combined with your selection of employees has the makings of either a well-oiled machine or a rusty, run-down one. Performance management, performance improvement plans and implementing key performance indicators are a few options employers can consider.

Some employers let their employees do what they want

Did you know that some companies, like Google, let their staff spend a percentage of their time on projects of their own choosing? There is a catch, the staff must be working on projects that are related to their industry. This is aimed at generating new ideas amongst the team so the company can foster these ideas into business. It is a win, win situation.

This management style has been compared to the creation of Penicillin. You may not know that Penicillin was accidentally created after an employee forgot to put away a bacteria sample he was working on. Overnight mould grew and the scientist, Alexander Fleming, noticed the germs did not grow where the mould did. As a result, Penicillin was invented and millions of lives have been saved. Funnily enough, the sample he was working on was for his own amusement. He wanted to create artistic sculptures out of bacteria.

Employers who wish to implement these innovative ways of managing staff need to consider the processes and procedures around them. These types of initiatives need parameters such as the amount of time spent on the project. The desired protocols should be clearly outlined in employment handbooks. Employsure can help you develop these policies and procedures.

Performance management

The reality of small business is that you are not inventing Penicillin on a day to day basis. You are operating fast-paced workplaces which are striving to meet the needs of your clients/customers. Well-performing teams execute higher amounts of productivity and meet the company’s core competency, this is good business.

However, if you have an employee who is not meeting the businesses demands or they are performing poorly, Employsure can support you in establishing a performance management plan. The aim of this is to improve the performance of the employee but more importantly, highlight that you as the employer, are unhappy with the current performance standard.

We talk to business owners and employers every day and work together to find the best way to communicate to under-performing employees. We highlight the steps you need to take, in-line with employment legislation, in order to find a solution and the best outcome for all involved.

Key performance indicators

Need a way to effectively measure the performance of your staff? Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a measure to do so. If your staff work on a commission basis you are most likely aware of KPIs, but for those who do not, KPIs could be a performance driver for your staff. Monetary figures or the daily number of sales made are examples of KPIs. You as the employer can set goals for your staff to reach, as well as monthly targets to motive staff. If KPIs are not met, it initiates a conversation about performance.  The employee is then offered the opportunity to improve or it can ultimately determine their termination.

Employsure helps employers to develop holistic approaches to managing their staff.  If you are not sure if your business strategies or employment management ideas are meeting your obligations under the Employment Relations Act 2000 we can let you know and talk you through the options in order to meet employment relations legislation. If you need to find a fair and safe way to implement performance management or KPIs into your business, call Employsure today on 0800 568 012.

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