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Equal Pay Amendment in New Zealand

Published June 07, 2019 (last updated December 1, 2020) -

The Government is looking towards remedying the gender pay gap in New Zealand with new Pay Equity Legislation. This follows the previous settlements in the care and support industry.  This new change is especially geared towards industries where women make up the majority of the workforce.

Women who aren’t paid the same as men for similar jobs will be given the tools to make a pay equity claim against their employer, if this legislation gets passed.

Instead of going through a court, the Equal Pay Amendment Bill aims to allow employees to raise claims with their employer directly. . Taking the matter to the Employment Relations Authority will be still an option if the employee is not happy with the employer’s decision, but it is pushed back to a last resort.

An education and awareness drive is also included as part of this proposed bill. The bill is still in progress through parliament, so the specifics of the process and requirements are not confirmed, however, we do expect the bill to pass.

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