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How to Effectively Manage Your Staff With BrightHR

Published May 21, 2021 -
employer using brighthr to help manage her staff

Traditional methods of planning staff leave are tedious, time-consuming, and mundane. However, with the growth of technology, there is no need to continue stressing. The new BrightHR software is here to make your staff leave management easier, enjoyable and convenient. 

Why it is a Good Idea to Use BrightHR Software

There is a reason why more organizations are using BrightHR services. Some of the benefits of using this software as your organization’s holiday planner include:

1. It Makes Leave Planning Easy

BrightHR software makes planning your staffs’ leave a breeze. The software allows you to approve each request with just a single click. You can keep all the records in order thereby facilitating easy review and decision-making in your company. 

The software also does away with the possibility of your staffs’ holidays clashing. It keeps a perfect balance of the employees’ annual leave balances and the updates are timely. 

2. Gives You More Control

This software does more than just making planning easy and saving time. It allows you to remain in control in a more convenient manner.

BrightHR ensures that you keep tabs of all the employees’ annual leave schedules and their balances. It also eliminates the possibility of forgetting the presence or absence of an employee. 

This is possible courtesy of the reminders from BrightHR, timely reports and calendar synchronisation. 

3. Gives You a Clear Picture of Staff and Shifts

With BrightHR, you get a clear picture of staff and shifts in one central platform. Employee information is also stored here so you and your employees can access it at any time and from anywhere. 

From the records stored here, you can monitor your employees’ activities and therefore make more informed decisions that can help push your organization towards its goals.

Other Ways in Which BrightHR Can Help You Manage Your Business Better

Apart from helping you plan your employee’s holiday schedule, BrightHR can help you manage your business in different ways, like:

Better Overall Time Management

With BrightHR you can get a comprehensive overview of your staff’s shifts, planned leave, absences and much more. BrightHR saves you countless hours by centralising information, and giving you the power to organise and administrate your HR in only a few clicks.  

For example, our roster planning tool allows users to make, review and manage rosters easily from your PC, tablet or phone. BrightHR then lets you digitally share your rosters with your employees, letting them know in an instant when and where (if applicable) they’re required to work.

Project Management

Assuming that you have a project that has a fast-approaching due date, BrightHR can help you roll out revised rosters conveniently. Your employees will be aware of the new plans, and they will act accordingly. This minimizes time wastage. 

Shift Management 

Managing how your employees take their shifts can be a daunting task if you are doing it manually. However, you can take advantage of BrightHR to monitor your employees’ shifts through the software’s electronic time keeping feature. 

Overtime and Absences

You can refer to the records kept by BrightHR to know which employees worked overtime and how you can pay their wages. You can also use the software to know who was absent and for what reason. 

BrightHR helping you manage your people and business

Contact us to find out how BrightHR can help you manage your employees.

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