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Has New Zealand decided?

Has New Zealand decided?

The polls are closed yet there are still labour inspectors auditing businesses, WorkSafe continues to monitor workplace safety, businesses continue to open and workers continue to go to work. So, what has really changed with this recent election?

Despite the fact we are yet to find out who is running the country for the next three years, businesses across New Zealand are back to the daily grind and any impacting policies from the election winner will simply remain in limbo.

In the lead up to the election, Employsure examined the impact on workplace relations with every party considered in our workplace relations report card. While this summary was broad and examined every party there are some coalitions starting to take shape. So, again, what does this mean for small businesses?

In the case of an NZ First and National coalition, and examining the NZ First policy of abolishing the starting out wage for young people, and significantly increasing the minimum wage to $20 per hour, there is some reason for employers to be concerned. However, the National Party appears to have more of a status quo approach with a pledge to maintain existing 90 day trial periods and no radical increase to the minimum wage.

Whichever coalition does form government, the end result for workplace relations in New Zealand is not yet clear. Given the negotiations still to take place anything could happen.

Given there remains a likely change to workplace relations ahead, Employsure will be monitoring any development closely and advising clients of what it means for their business.

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