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Track Your Employee Expenses Seamlessly with BrightHR

Published May 10, 2021 -

Business owners need to have many hats on at once. For example, they all need to wear a workplace health and safety hat, and if they have any employees, they need to add a workplace relations hat to the collection.

Many owners also need to wear a finances hat, where they have to be involved with incomings and outgoings, supplier and client invoices, employee pay and so on. One of the more difficult types of expenditures to track is your employee’s expenses.

Manage Staff Expenses With Ease

With BrightHR’s PoP feature –Proof of Purchase – you can manage your workforce’s expenses with ease.

With PoP, your staff can snap and upload a photo of their receipt and immediately send it over to you to approve or decline with a swipe.

You don’t need to struggle with piles of paper receipts and endless email chains anymore. PoP takes the stress out of expense management.

What Can PoP Do?

If you run a business in the trades industry, and have many employees at different worksites, they are likely driving far and wide in your company’s vehicles. Your employees will be bringing back receipts for fuel, tools and materials. It’s then up to you to ensure that all the receipts line up.

With PoP your employee can easily log an expense, and you can approve or decline it with a swipe.

With PoP you can also:

  • Get an instant notification when an employee uploads an expense claim.
  • Add multiple destinations to a mileage claim and see the route they’ve taken on our useful map.
  • Edit expense requests that are awaiting approval.
  • Use the instant messenger feature to chat to staff about expense queries.
  • Approve or decline staff expenses in bulk.
  • Create categories to group expenses together, such as travel, accommodation, or food & drink.
  • Export expense records, and filter lists so you can see exactly how much you’re spending on what.
  • Keep a secure record of your small business expenses so you can get maximum tax savings.

A Smarter Way To Work Out Mileage

Say goodbye to head-scratching sums, because PoP’s mileage calculator does the hard maths for you.

Just set the cost per mile on the app, then your people can enter their starting point and destination and PoP automatically calculates the distance and the cost of their journey. It’s that simple.

Where Can I Learn More About PoP?

You can learn more about PoP by following this link, or by calling BrightHR on 0800 675 707.

BrightHR helping you manage your people and business

Contact us to find out how BrightHR people management software and help you manage and store your essential employee records and documents.

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