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Webinar: Workplace Confidence in 3 Steps

Published November 13, 2018 (last updated December 4, 2020) -

Workplace Confidence in 3 Steps

Welcome to the Workplace Confidence Webinar – packaged workplace advice designed for small business owners.

About this webinar

As workplace relations specialists, we speak to hundreds of Kiwi small business owners every day across all sectors and industries, constantly seeking to understand the challenges they face.

Our clients tell us the biggest issue they face is keeping up to date with legislation and staying compliant.

With the allocation of $8.8 million to the Labour Inspectorate in the 2018 Budget, it is crucial that small business owners understand their obligations under the Employment Relations Act.

This webinar covers:

  • Confidence with the Employment Relations Authority and legislation changes.
  • Confidence with contracts, policies and procedures
  • Confidence managing employees – from hiring to firing

About Employsure

Employsure is one of New Zealand’s largest workplace relations advisers to small and medium businesses, with over 5,500 clients. We take the complexity out of workplace legislation to help small business employers protect their business and their people.

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