Maninder Singh

Senior Work Health and Safety Consultant


Maninder is passionate about assisting clients to set their business up for continued success through implementing systems and processes. He brings with him a wealth of experience as a practised consultant, health and safety advisor as well as the understanding that comes from being a small business owner.

His experience working with clients across a wide range of industries allows him to appreciate industry specific challenges and competently advise on workplace health and safety related systems and procedures in consideration of the business conditions.

Maninder has worked in the Injury prevention, Rehabilitation and management industry for past 12 years and is a seasoned Occupational Safety and Health specialist who has had exposure to work with a range of clients and stake holders ranging from Various Government departments such as ACC, Worksafe, and public health system incorporating hospitals, mental health and allied health services. Maninder’s experience working with client’s across a variety of industries provides him a clear understanding of challenges ad risks involved which helps him in creating tailored industry related workplace safety solutions and health and safety systems to help in the smooth operation of the business.

Maninder holds several qualifications, such as Certificate in Bicultural Social services, Return to Work coordinator, a Bachelor of Science in Hospitably Management and Food Science and Nutrition, Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management. Maninder’s academic background ensures that he is familiar with current safety research, theories and practical approaches that underpin or inform the various current safety and wellbeing approaches.

Having worked as a chef for several years, Maninder has a firm grasp on the challenges associated with running an SME business and is well positioned to provide pragmatic workplace health and safety solutions for clients.

He has a proven ability to methodically work through complex problems and is a proficient champion of change in the workplace.

Maninder understands the dynamic society we work and live in and respects diversity and culture. Maninder chose Workplace Health and Safety as he wanted to work in an environment that added value to the community. Maninder has always loved helping people and gets a kick out of sharing ideas and opportunities and seeing things improve because of it. Maninder believes that every phone call, every meeting, every OSH referral is an opportunity to help someone understand the impact of risks and why is it important to ultimately eradicate those risks and create a safer work environment. As a seasoned OSH consultant, sending people home safely is fundamentally important to Maninder.

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