Mandatory Face Coverings. A Guide For Employers

A free guide for mandating face coverings in your workplace. 

face coverings in the workplace


From time to time, governments or public health bodies may introduce or reinstate the mandatory wearing of face coverings in response to COVID-19 outbreaks. This order or direction may change depending on the development of COVID-19 outbreaks in your area. But how does an employer manage this in the workplace? What if my employee refuses to wear a face-covering?  Do I need to provide face coverings for employees?  

Have your questions answered, with Employsure’s Mandatory Mask e-guide. 


  • Obligations as an employer 
  • Managing employees when refusing to wear a face covering. 
  • Contractors and the workplace 

This is vital information for any small business owner or employer.    

The information in this guide is of a general nature only and is not a substitute for advice from a workplace relations expert. For further information regarding the vaccine itself, medical advice, or public health law, seek out the advice of a relevant expert.  

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