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Country Charm

Published November 23, 2016 (last updated July 15, 2022) - Ben Fairfax
Country Charm Employsure client story

Old charm still shines

New Zealand is well known for its charm and natural beauty. The same can be said to describe Country Charm furniture in the rolling hills outside Auckland. Lesley and Grant are the owners and operators of this boutique custom furniture business. Working to client’s tastes and specifications Country Charm specialise in creating custom made pieces.

Lesley has a long history of working directly with clients. Many years as a sales representative has given her a resilient and can-do attitude. With so much of the work being matching timbers and sourcing furniture long out of production, Lesley being so willing to take on a challenge has arguably been the key to continued success.

However, the challenges Lesley is comfortable overcoming and those she works with Grant to push past are related to the measurable outcomes of Country Charm Furniture, managing workplace relations in the business is something different entirely.

Managing staff is something Lesley and Grant enjoy doing based on their personality traits of being such bubbly and friendly people – however, the safety of these people in the workplace is something very different and far more complex.

Country Charm Furniture delivers furniture which has been an inch from retirement to looking brand new. The jobs and daily tasks require some heavy machinery and creative tools, presenting very unique safety challenges.

The proactive approach of both Grant and Lesley is testament to the impressive record of safety in their business. This record becomes even more impressive when considered alongside the inexperience of some staff and the autonomous roles of all team members. Under the careful watch of Grant though, the workshop is turning out great products, delivered by great staff to grateful customers.

Lesley and Grant should be proud of the business they have built, Employsure is certainly proud to have them as clients.

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