Mental Health And Why It Matters In The Workplace

Published September 27, 2022 (last updated September 29, 2022) Molly Chandran

26 September to 2 October is Mental Health Awareness Week in New Zealand and this year’s theme ‘Reconnect’ reminds businesses about the importance of mental health at the workplace. Businesses across the country have been struggling due to the disruptive few years and it comes as no surprise that promoting mental wellbeing is the need of the hour. Laurence McLean, Operations Manager from Employsure New Zealand commented on the importance of employer obligations when it comes to the wellbeing of employees.

“Running a business always has its challenges. Throw in the extreme challenges of a pandemic, prolonged lockdowns, and labour shortages, some employers have been forced to re-evaluate their business models or fold up for good. The pressures on employers of keeping their businesses afloat, ensuring they continue to comply with their employer obligations, all while maintaining staff numbers, has taken a toll on employers and it is imperative that mental health becomes a top priority for everyone at the workplace.”

Having worked with over 6,000 businesses, Employsure New Zealand understands the immediate concerns and issues facing business owners. To support employers, Employsure has created tailored resources to inform them of their responsibilities when it comes to managing mental health in the workplace.

[1]According to a survey conducted by Xero, 36% of small business owners in New Zealand believe managing employee processes and compliance is taxing on their mental health.

COVID-19 and the shift to a greater demand for a hybrid work environment has highlighted the issue further and emphasises employers’ obligations to provide a mentally safe workplace.

Mr McLean further commented, “Identifying mental health risks and a comprehensive and responsive mental health policy are essential documents in properly supporting those who may be suffering and protecting your business. Employers must remember that mental wellbeing is not a destination, it’s a continuous process which evolves over time.”

“New Zealand has one of the most complex set of employment relations laws which complicate the daily operations of small businesses. Employers should consider delegating the implementation of processes and documentation to the experts, allowing themselves to focus on growing their business. Our primary objective at Employsure is to help build better businesses and that is accomplished through supporting and empowering business owners with their obligations” concluded Mr. McLean.

[1] changing-world-of-work-report_nz.pdf (

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