Bindle – Supporting Healthcare Workers and Local Businesses

Published June 04, 2020
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Can you help Bindle reach its $10,000 target to say thank you to nurses across Australia that have worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 crisis? Less than $4,000 is needed. If the goal isn’t met within 5 days, the gifts of gratitude will NOT be able to be sent out.

Watch how they transformed and adapted during this time.


  • Bindle – Supporting Healthcare Workers and Local Businesses

    It wouldn’t have come about without the pandemic. So, yeah, the pandemic definitely put nurses in the spotlight. The amount of sacrifice that they make at the moment where everyone can just stay at home but they have to face up to work every day, it’s pretty extraordinary .

    My name is Catherine Blackford and I’m the director of Bindle. Bindle is an online gift business, and we curate boutique gifts designed around specific occasions. We also offer a branded gifting solution for corporate clients via our Bindle NUDE label. And I’m passionate about supporting and celebrating the talent of local suppliers and artisans. So every part of Bindle gifts are Australian-sourced and designed.

    Basically, as a result of COVID, a lot of orders have now either been pending, on hold, or unfortunately, some of them have been canceled, which definitely has a flow-on effect to the business. So it’s placed Bindle in a position where staff hours have been reduced and casual staff stand downs have now been implemented. And also due to the downturn in revenue, all Bindle full-time and permanent part-time employees will be eligible for JobKeeper

    Bindle Nurture 4 Nurses was born in collaboration with a few of my talented friends. They basically wanted to do something other than just stay at home. These friends include a stood down commercial marketing partnership manager for an AFL club, a builder, a digital marketing executive who’s been made redundant,

    a former charity campaign manager turned part-time social media consultant, and also a former tech company CEO turned part-time farmer. So basically what we wanted to do is we wanted to acknowledge and pay gratitude to healthcare workers who are on the front line as well as support our local businesses in a time of great need.

    The coronavirus pandemic definitely thrusts nurses into the spotlight and highlighted the risks and sacrifices by nurses on a daily basis. So not only a physical toll but also an emotional toll is placed on them. So the team at Bindle curated a beautiful care package for nurses with rest and relaxation in front of mind. And each element of the gift is locally sourced, also helping to support our local suppliers. I guess our main goal is to say thank you to as many nurses as we can.

    The campaign that we’re running is through Pozible, so it’s a Melbourne-based crowdfunding platform. So it’s an all-or-nothing campaign, so we actually aren’t able to send out any gifts to nurses until we hit this initial target. And every donation helps to deliver a company care package to as many nurses as possible. So they all contribute to a Nurture 4 Nurses Bindle gift. Basically, as long as we continue to receive donations from the public to the cause, we’ll continue to send the gifts of gratitude out to deserving Australian nurses.

    Yeah, it’s been going really well. We had a surge of donations on International Nurses Day. We’ve had over 90 pledges. So they are those who’ve actually contributed financially to the campaign. And we have nearly 200 nominations now. So the nominations are those that have nominated a nurse to receive a Nurture 4 Nurses Bindle gift. So if we don’t reach the targets, those that have contributed will just receive their funds back into their account and we’re unfortunately unable to send out the 100 gifts to the nurses. We’re just really enthusiastic to hit our target. As I said it’s an all-or-nothing campaign, so if we don’t hit our target, we won’t be able to send the gifts of gratitude out to nurses.

    So we’re just on the home stretch. Hopefully, we can come through with the remainder of the funds. As of today, we’re $4,000 away from hitting our target of $10,000. So if we reach $10,000, we’ll be in the position to send out 100 gifts to deserving nurses Australia-wide. And so, if anyone can give a little bit or a lot, that would be fantastic.

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