Hear Again.

Published October 26, 2017
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This episode of Small Business State of Mind Steve, from Hear Again, discusses the big leap from earning a salary to running a business. Steve shares his experience of not only how challenging this has been, but how rewarding running a business can be and that there is support available.


  • Hear Again.

    This is a really, really rewarding business to be in, you’re taking people with a problem that’s really quite a social barrier, you know, they’ve got a hearing loss so they can’t interact socially, so they’re missing out on things in their daily life and you’re fixing that problem. We get people saying to us all the time that “You’ve changed my life!” They go out saying – “That’s fantastic, I can hear again” and then they look at the sign and go – “Oh yeah.” It is really rewarding on a daily basis. It’s really hard to pass up a salary, to set up and become your own boss really. It was only being made redundant that gave us that catalyst to go for it. There’s things that you don’t consider, there’s health and safety and accounting and all those little things, insurances that you’ve never even thought of that crop up from time to time, but nothing that’s insurmountable. It’s just, you know, throws you a curve ball every now and again. I think a lot of people would be probably quite scared of setting up their own business because of the fear of the back office and other things but the thing that we’ve certainly found is that there’s help available, you know, if you ask the right people they can give you that support and they can give you that advice, which means that you don’t have to do it for yourself.

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