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Want business success? Know your numbers.

Carl Sowter, Owner of Marley Loft accounting, shares his small business experiences in this month’s episode of Small Business State of Mind. From adapting to change to finding the right mix of people, Carl tells his story as a small business owner.

My first job when I started out of school and quite regularly through my performance reviews I was always asked, ‘do you still want to be a Chartered Accountant?’ And the answer was always ‘yes, I love it!’ Now myself and my business partner own Marley Loft and we're working with four generations of clients with some of our clients. There's always employment challenges. One, getting the right people that's always very difficult. Over the years in the accounting industry there have been years of no available staff out there to hire. Now, it's also trying to get the right mix of person with that technology skill. Years ago, people were thinking that technology was going to be the end of the traditional Chartered Accounting firm. If anything it's actually increased our workload because now we have the tools to work closely with clients and help them move along in their business. Startups are something that I really like to work with, in fact a lot of the team here love to work with them. It's great to get them set up right from the start properly and then watch them grow and help them grow to where they want to be. A tip that I have for business owners is to actually know your numbers. It's very important to know them so that you're able to make better decisions and plan for your business future.

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