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Protection for your business in the case that something goes wrong is invaluable. This safeguard assists in covering the legal costs defending a claim, possible compensation costs awarded, or the settlement sum required.

How It Works

Step 1

As part of your package with Employsure you will automatically receive a comprehensive QBE insurance policy.

Step 2

Provided you follow and enact the advice we provide along the way, this insurance will act as a safeguard for your business.

Step 3

If faced with a claim, the policy can assist in covering the legal costs of defending this claim, and to cover compensation awarded or the settlement sum required to be paid.

We cover you with:

  • insurance policy underwritten by QBE Insurance
  • up to $2million insurance coverage per year
  • cover for legal representation costs and compensation payments (maximum $200,000 per claim)
  • no excess fees

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