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Unfair process + No good reason = Unjustified dismissal.

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Alcohol and drug testing.

Steps to manage a positive drug or alcohol test. Speak with Employsure before commencing drug testing to ensure all employment agreements a...

Ask our specialist - Pre-employment checks – what can you ask?

Can an employer request a job applicant undergo a pre-employment medical? Our Specialist Says: Yes – you can do a pre-employment drug ...

The ‘domino effect’ of the minimum wage increase

1 April has seen the minimum wage increase by 75 cents to $16.50 an hour. As the largest minimum wage increase since 2008, it’s fair to sa...

Government Legislation Changes Masterclass | Webinar

Presented by Employsure Consultant, Sophie Shieff, this webinar covers the essentials that employers need to know about the new Government's...

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