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An employee keeps calling in sick, what should I do?

The classic 'sickie'. It's part of New Zealand working folklore, and while most people can honestly admit to 'chucking' the occasional sickie, others can stretch the limits of their employers by frequently taking sick days for vague or elusive reasons.


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The Domestic Violence Victims’ Protection Act Explained

The Domestic Violence Victims’ Protection Act is now in effect, enhancing the workplace legal protections available to employees impacted ...

Fatigue Management — A Guide For Employers

More than the occasional yawn or low energy, fatigue can become a serious health issue, impacting safety, productivity and workplace efficie...

How To Approach An Employee With Poor Hygiene

It’s every employer’s worst nightmare. Whether you notice the hygiene issues yourself (or another employee brings it to your attention),...

The Minimum Wage Is About To Change, Is Your Business Ready?

New Zealand has one of the highest minimum wages in the world, and was the first country to introduce a minimum wage. As of April 1, 2019, m...

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