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Join our free webinar series to get up to speed with the latest HR, health and safety, employment relations and Fair Work Act fundamentals. Our webinars are designed specially for small to medium sized business owners to understand employment legislation matters. You can attend as many of the live sessions as you like.


Managing Difficult Employees

Difficult or problematic employees can be a drain on energy for employers and business owners. They affect company morale, have a negative impact on productivity, and can even cause higher employee turnover. Do you have a strategy in place to deal with difficult employees? Attend our exclusive event for employers. Put together by industry experts, our event offers real insights and advice on handling tough situations, managing difficult employees, and creating fairer workplaces.

Topics covered:

  • Practical Tips to Deal with Difficult Employees
  • Processes and Policies for Performance Improvement/Performance Management
  • Documents and Policies for Staff Management

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Event Times

Location: Online

Date: 25 June 2024 | Time: 12:00 pm (NZST)

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Best Practice: Airtight Employment Contracts

Whether you’re just starting out employing staff or you have been running your business for years, an airtight employment contract acts as a basic building block for your business. A written and binding contract that sets out conditions of employment in writing is highly likely to reduce the risk of misunderstanding or confusion. Attend our exclusive employer event where Employsure specialists explain best practices for developing an airtight employment contract.  

Topics covered:

  • Things to include in an employment contract 
  • Types of employment contracts – from fixed-term to casual employment contracts 
  • Pay secrecy, Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), Confidentiality and Non-Compete clauses 

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Event Times

Location: Online

Date: 18 June 2024 | Time: 12:00 pm (NZST)

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The Business Owner's Guide to HR, Employment Law & HSW

As a business owner or employer, your employees are the core of building and growing a successful business. It's essential for business owners to prioritize creating effective HR strategies and complying with employment laws, while also ensuring proper training for workplace safety. Employsure offers an exclusive workshop, providing an overview of HR, Employment Law and HSW to help businesses remain compliant and foster a positive work environment.

Topics covered:

  • The fundamental pillars of HR and how they apply to the workplace
  • The latest changes to employment relations you need to know
  • Policy development, conflict resolution and ensuring legal compliance

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Event Times

Location: Zoom

Date: 2 July 2024 | Time: 11:00 am (NZST)

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Previous Events

Best Practice for Business Owners: Termination and Dismissal

Whether you're just starting your business or have been running one for years, it's always good to be prepared for any eventuality. Understanding best practices and safeguarding your business means knowing what to do when it comes to termination or dismissal.

Employee Engagement and Retention

Harnessing the Power of Employee Engagement and Retention

Investing in employee engagement and retention can deliver numerous benefits for your business.

Engaged employees are more efficient, productive, and dedicated to business success. They can also motivate less engaged employees.

Performance Management for NZ Businesses

For business owners and employers, performance management is one of the biggest and most time-consuming challenges. However, there are ways to master effective performance management strategies for business owners and managers.

HSW First Aid Kit

Take a proactive step towards safeguarding your business and employees by registering for Employsure's HSW webinar. In this exclusive webinar we cover the leading HSW issues and challenges faced by SME owners and employers and offer insights into effective solutions. 

Best Practice: Termination and Dismissal

To help answer your most pressing questions, Employsure has put together an exclusive event for employers covering common challenges and issues you may face when managing terminations and dismissals. 

Best Practice: Workplace Wellbeing

Don't miss out on this opportunity to register for our exclusive event on workplace wellbeing, designed to empower you with the knowledge and strategies to create a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for your employees. Our experts will provide you with practical insights and actionable strategies to safeguard your employees' wellbeing. 

Navigating the Future: Employment Trends in NZ

While many business owners may be aware of the changing legal landscape, few take the time to proactively prepare for its impact. Our free workshop is your chance to get ahead of the curve and ensure your business remains productive and protected. 

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