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4 Reasons To Treat Your Employees Like Customers

Published November 24, 2016 (last updated June 7, 2022) -

Most business owners make a conscious effort to put the customer first. This often means delivering superior service and ensuring they have a great experience. Some employers are now applying this principle to their employees.

After all, it is employees who are on the front lines of customer service, act as brand ambassadors, and are ultimately responsible for your business’ success. If employers want employees to make a meaningful contribution, they need to invest in and treat employees as if they were customers. 

Here are 4 reasons to treat your employees like customers:

1. You want them to provide the best customer service

When you treat employees like customers, they will be happy at work. Employees who are happy at work provide better customer service because they care more about other people, including customers, they have more energy and are more motivated. A happy employee is great for business. They do their job more effectively and they inspire their fellow employees to do their jobs more effectively.

2. You want them to be loyal

You want your customers to stay for many reasons and their loyalty provides you with the best feedback they can give possibly give you. Likewise, you want your employees to stay and appreciate the great return for their invested time with you. In turn, they keep future turnover costs lower thereby keeping your profits higher.

3. You want them to refer their friends

Some of your best customers come from referrals from existing or previous customers. When customers refer, it is the single greatest compliment they can offer. It also helps keep sales costs lower. Similarly, you want your employees to refer their friends. It is an effective way to secure great talent and lower recruiting costs.

4. You need them for your business to survive

Without customers there is no revenue. Without employees, there is no service. An imbalance of either is bad for your business.

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