Felix Yeung

Head of Health and Safety

Felix Yeung is a senior health and safety executive at Employsure. His vision is to help their clients to build better businesses. His passion for Health and Safety can be traced back to the start of his career where he worked as a case manager in the workers compensation industry. What he learned was workplace incidents can have such a significant impact not only to the injured worker, but to the business owners and the wider community. The holistic concept of Health and Safety is all about being proactive to execute preventative strategy to protect the health and safety of workers in the workplace. This is the opposite of managing incident in a reactive position. He never looked back after he left the Workers compensation industry.

At Employsure, he is constantly expanding the health and safety capabilities to enable his team of 50 passionate health and safety experts to support their clients on their health and safety journey to meet the regulatory compliance and significantly improve the health and safety standards in the workplace.

Being a certified lead HS auditor with over 10 years’ auditing experience in ISO45001 and AS4801, he is specialised in systematic internal audit to identify system deficiency for continuous improvement.

Outside work, Felix is a keen motorcycle rider where he can be seen riding on his super-sport motorcycle at full speed on a racetrack with his full PPE on, and constantly conducting risk assessments in his head to try to stay alive. He believes not all hazards can be eliminated, and living life is all about taking calculated risks. In his case, riding a motorcycle makes him appreciate life even more.

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