Troy Plummer

ANZ Head of Legal Services

Troy Plummer is the Principal lawyer at Employsure Law Pty Ltd.

Troy has over 22 years’ experience across all facets of employment and WHS law.

After spending almost 10 years working in mid-tier private practice law firms, Troy then spent an 11 year stint in house holding the dual role of Corporate Counsel and WHS Manager for an Access company operating across Australia and New Zealand. That business performed designated high risk construction work for the building and construction industry. During this period Troy advised across numerous employment and other legal matters as well as sitting on several Australia/New Zealand Standards sub-committees drafting industry standard for Scaffolding.

Troy has acted and advised clients in Workers compensation, WHS investigations and prosecutions, Industrial disputes including protected action ballots, EA negotiation, Unfair Dismissal and protected action claims as well as cease and desist/injunction proceedings to enforce post-employment restraints on former employees. Troy has been intimately involved in the entire employment lifecycle from drafting contracts and assisting in the interview process through managing performance and discipline issue to terminating employment. Troy’s broad experience enables him to appreciate the interconnectedness of various facets of the business with the employee relationship and how terminations of employment for example can affect workers compensation premiums.

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