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Bullying & Harassment

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Bullying & Harassment

What is considered sexual harassment?

Many people assume they would recognise sexual harassment immediately if they witnessed it in their workplace. However, it may not be as ove ...

New Zealand the world’s second worst workplace bully?

An alarming new study has been released which shows that New Zealand has the world second highest rate of workplace bullying. The survey, wh ...

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment - a potentially uncomfortable term but one that requires specific attention throughout New Zealand workplaces. The Huma ...

What can we learn from Weinstein?

The recent coverage of allegations against Harvey Weinstein should serve as a stark reminder to employers of how damaging any allegation of ...

Boss or bully: the difference.

Everyone has the right to go to work and not experience bullying. Workplace bullying is a very serious issue, with recent studies showing on ...

Managing workplace bullying.

Bullying behaviour. Workplace bullying and harassment is defined as repeated unreasonable behaviour that comes from an employee, manager or ...

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