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Policies, Procedures & Safeguards

Are your employees marching to the beat of their own drum?

As a business owner or employer, you have the skill, authority and know how to get things done, the way you want things to be done. This, co ...

How to conduct a stress-free performance review.

The mere mention of a performance appraisal is enough to make many employers shudder. But why is this otherwise well-intended exercise looke ...

Employsure’s guide to making your staff work better for you.

What motivates you to go to work each day? Is it the sense of having a purpose, the act of working towards a goal, autonomy or is it your a ...

Employsure’s guide to taming tardiness.

According to study, certain individuals cannot help but be late to work. This is due to their psychology and personality which hardwires the ...

Employsure's guide to pregnancy precautions.

When an employee shares the special news that they are pregnant it can sometimes put an employer into a state of panic. Here are some steps ...

How to improve work attendance rates.

Managing sick days or tardiness can be one of the biggest challenges employers face. If you have employees who are consistently late or s ...

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