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Policies, Procedures & Safeguards

How to have a difficult conversation with your employees.

Have you ever heard of a compliment sandwich? The term is used when people provide constructive feedback - when one offers niceties befor ...

What employers need to be on the lookout for this silly season.

With the silly season fast approaching, now is the time to evaluate whether you are equipped to deal with the common issues most employers f ...

Employsure’s guide to introducing change.

Change is inevitable through these ever evolving times, especially for businesses who wish to remain at the forefront of their industry. How ...

Tips to de-escalating workplace conflict.

At some point in your workplace, you as an employer will need to tackle conflict head on. Whether the conflict is present between employees ...

What employers need to know about employing apprentices.

If your business is based on a trade, you more than likely already employ an apprentice, or are at least thinking about employing one. Wh ...

How to manage appropriate use of company provided devices.

These days, with businesses adopting a more accessible and mobile culture, more and more employers are providing employees with company-owne ...

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