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Policies, Procedures & Safeguards

Know the difference. Permanent Vs Casual.

Employsure often receives queries from employers who are confused when it comes to casual versus permanent employees. As there are key diffe ...

How confident are you in your drug and alcohol policy?

With the festive season approaching, employees may decide to take the ‘silly’ in silly season quite literally. Workplaces often becom ...

How to eliminate favouritism in the workplace.

While few people would admit to favouritism in the workplace, it certainly does occur. When preparing staff rosters, have you given one s ...

How to get a redundancy process right.

As an employer or business owner, at some stage a situation may occur when you need to make an employee or employees redundant. While this c ...

A new year, a new approach to your business.

As the new year quickly approaches, it is time for employers to reflect on what they can do to make it a good one. One way to do this is by ...

How much sick leave is too much?

According to the Wellness in the Workplace report produced by BusinessNZ, employee sick days cost the New Zealand economy approximately $1.2 ...

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