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Workplace Health and Safety

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Workplace Health and Safety

Permanent versus Casual employees – knowing your obligations.

Classifying an employee as permanent or casual has significant consequences to the entitlements they are owed and the management of the busi ...

Health and Safety at Work – When you must report.

Employers managing safety in their workplace may be across all the risks and have practices in place to manage those that cannot be eliminat ...

Workplace fatigue as a safety risk.

With recent news of the first prosecution under the new Health and Safety at work Act 2015, it is more important than ever that employers a ...

Employsure featured in FTD Supply Chain Magazine.

Failure to respond to safety concerns has seen a plastics manufacturer as the first to face a six-figure fine under the new Health and Safet ...

Workplace health and safety – the loop that is.

Every employer knows safety is important, but the difficulty is in how to manage it at a workplace level. By following a loop process, emplo ...

How to manage mental health in your workplace.

One in six New Zealanders will experience a mental illness at some time in their lives. It is often presumed an employee’s mental illness ...

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