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Change is inevitable, how you manage it is crucial.

CultureSeptember 20, 2016

Change is inevitable and all businesses, large or small, will at times need to adapt to remain competitive. Employsure explores change options with businesses surrounding their employment procedures and processes every day. We have some tips for you on how to implement change and what to look out for when announcing change so that your employment relations is not negatively impacted.

Employers need to stay aware of the fluidity of change and its effects on employees as well as contractors. Change in management, business structure, or even the introduction of new employees can cause both positive and negative reactions. A contributing factor to the success of any change is the way in which it is communicated with reasons behind change and the expected outcome being a focus.

All staff must be kept informed and engaged with the change. Employers need to be careful when announcing change, as you do not want to be seen as a dictator but rather an innovative leader. Ensure that all staff members are receiving the same message, if possible, at the same time with the same attitude towards it. It is important to achieve departmental or leadership buy-in to relay the same opinion and deliverance of the change. This will help discourage negative perceptions and attitudes.

Some changes businesses frequently face include:

  • change in management
  • change in company growth
  • technological change
  • financial change
  • change in legislation
  • redundancies

Change inevitably uses company resources such as money, time and people. If employers are not monitoring the impacts and results of change, these resources could go to waste. Ensure that you have processes in place to record and assess behaviours, financials, productivity and progression over time.

Another tip is to encourage an open door policy where all staff have the opportunity to express their concerns associated with the change. This will help to alleviate mixed messaging and/or workplace gossip.

Employsure can guide you on best practise when it comes to managing employees when faced with change. As the leading workplace relations specialist, we can advise on all things associated with employment relations and the health and safety concerns. Call us today on 0800 657 700 to speak with one of our specialised team members.

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