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Christmas Closedown Checklist

Published December 11, 2019 (last updated July 15, 2022) -

For some businesses, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. But for others, it might be time to shutdown shop for a few days or a couple of weeks.

You don’t want to walk away on the last day and have that tingling feeling you’ve forgotten to turn off the stove or lock the front door.

Make sure and double sure you’ve got packed away every last thing and switched off every last light before you roll down the shutter for the end-of-year period.

Print off the checklist below and tick off the tasks as you do them:

Temporary Shut Down Checklist


  • Turn off all unnecessary lights, and consider putting lights on a timer at night to suggest people are inside
  • Clean out the kitchen fridge and request all staff to do a general clean
  • Empty all bins
  • Water all plants
  • Back up all computers and information
  • Turn off all unnecessary work equipment
  • Secure all valuable business assets (e.g. documents) in a safe
  • Shred all sensitive but unneeded business documents
  • Test fire alarms and replace batteries (if necessary)
  • Check fire doors are not blocked
  • Ensure fire equipment is in place and works
  • Shut and lock all windows
  • Check to see if all security systems are working


  • Make sure your clients and suppliers know of the closure
  • Send out or pay any outstanding invoices
  • Inform your landlord (if applicable) about your planned closure
  • Organise for a cleaner or inform your cleaner of your closedown dates
  • Set up and out-of-office email for the business and all staff, and change the voice message of any or all telephones
  • Reschedule or cancel any incoming or ongoing deliveries or services (e.g. regular supplier packages)


  • Tell your employees that you plan to close down all or part of your operations (as applicable), and what the dates are (do this well in advance of your closedown)
  • Assign an employee (preferably a trusted or senior one) to close down the shop on the final day
  • If you require employees to take annual leave during the closure, make sure comply with the relevant regulations

Summer holidays

The following of a list of public holidays that occur in New Zealand between the Christmas period and Waitangi Day.  Please note that depending on your region, there may be a regional anniversary during this time.  The following is a list of the public holidays*.

Public Holiday2019-202020-212021-22
Christmas DayWednesday, 25 DecemberFriday, 25 DecemberSaturday, 25 December
Boxing DayThursday, 26 DecemberSaturday, 26 DecemberSunday, 26 December
New Year’s DayWednesday, 1 JanuaryFriday, 1 JanuarySaturday, 1 January
Day after New Year’s DayThursday, 2 JanuarySaturday, 2 JanuarySunday, 2 January
Waitangi DayThursday, 6 FebruarySaturday, 6 FebruaryFriday, 6 February

*If any of the above public holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, and the employee does not normally work on that day but would ordinarily work on the following Monday or Tuesday, then the public holiday is observed on the following Monday or Tuesday.

The following is a list of the observed date for the Regional anniversaries that will fall between Christmas and Waitangi Day:

Anniversary Days2020
Auckland anniversary dayMonday, 27 January
Buller anniversary dayMonday, 3 February
Nelson anniversary dayMonday, 3 February
Northland anniversary dayMonday, 27 January
Wellington anniversary dayMonday, 20 January

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