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Government Parental Leave Payments to Increase

Published June 22, 2022 (last updated February 21, 2023) - ANZ Head of Legal Services

The Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety announced that Government parental leave payments will increase by 6.33% from Friday, 1 July 2022, to reflect the 6.33% rise in the average weekly earnings.

The maximum weekly rate for eligible employees and self-employed parents will increase from $621.76 to $661.12 gross per week.

The minimum parental leave payment rate for self-employed parents will increase this year from $200 to $212 gross per week, to reflect the minimum wage increase on 1 April this year.

Eligible employees can receive parental leave payments for up to 26 weeks if they will be the ‘primary carer’ of a child born (or coming into their care).

These are payments made by the Government to employees and outside the scope of employers.

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