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Manage HSW In the Palm of Your Hand

Published April 19, 2021 (last updated June 2, 2022) - Head of Health and Safety
business owner's life is made easier with BrightSafe on the Go

When you have to assess a health and safety hazard at work, you may need to write down as much as you can and take photos of the hazard. This can be a very manual and slow process – that is, unless you have the right tools.

Introducing BrightSafe On The Go

Think of all the functions of and all the apps on your smartphone that make your life easier: camera, note-taking, digital recording, file accessibility, communication; and more.

Now, your business can also help you make your workplace health and safety easier to manage.

BrightSafe On The Go shows you which health & safety tasks need carrying out over the next seven days, based on your risk assessments. It even tells you which ones are overdue, so you don’t forget to complete them.

Then, once you’ve finished the job and updated your risk assessment, BrightSafe automatically removes the task from your list—helping you to prioritise what’s left.

Manage Your Health & Safety Tasks on The Move

The new BrightSafe On The Go app makes it quick and easy for you to manage health & safety tasks—even when you’re away from the workplace.

With BrightSafe On The Go you can create a risk assessment or workplace hazard file, and upload all relevant documents to that file. For example, you can take a photo of the hazard with your phone, and then upload that photo instantly to the app.

The risk assessments and workplace hazard files are stored in a library, which means you can review or update them at a later date from your phone, or PC, whatever’s easiest for you.

BrightSafe On The Go also gives you access to hundreds of health & safety documents and templates, which can be easily saved to your mobile.

Complete E-Learning Courses Wherever You Are

Training your staff in workplace processes such as safely operating equipment or vehicles may be a pivotal aspect of your workplace health and safety strategy. BrightSafe On The Go provides a range of e-learning courses to help you and your employees stay on top of expected work practices.

The courses cover essential topics like:

  • Display screen equipment
  • Hazardous substances
  • Fire safety awareness
  • Lone working
  • Manual handling awareness

Plus, as all the courses are available through the app, you and your staff can dip in and out of them whenever you have a spare moment.

BrightSafe is Here to Help You

BrightSafe is an online health and safety software that supports you to manage your health and safety obligations, helping you build a safer business.

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