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An employee keeps calling in sick, what should I do?

The classic 'sickie'. It's part of New Zealand working folklore, and while most people can honestly admit to 'chucking' the occasional sickie, others can stretch the limits of their employers by frequently taking sick days for vague or elusive reasons.


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Investigating Employee Misconduct – The Three Most Common Mistakes.

In my role at Employsure, I help employers who have received employment claims from employees. Often these claims have arisen due to flaws i...

Health and Safety at Work – When you must report.

Employers managing safety in their workplace may be across all the risks and have practices in place to manage those that cannot be eliminat...

Ask Our Specialist - How compassionate should employers be?

The loss of a close relative will often prompt employees to take time away from work, in many cases this will see employees utilise bereavem...

What agreement for which employee?

Managing staff is complex, but getting it right in the first place is crucial. Ensuring employees start their role on the correct employment...

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