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An employee keeps calling in sick, what should I do?

The classic 'sickie'. It's part of New Zealand working folklore, and while most people can honestly admit to 'chucking' the occasional sickie, others can stretch the limits of their employers by frequently taking sick days for vague or elusive reasons.


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How To Support A Staff Member Affected By Domestic Violence

Employee Domestic Violence Leave Rights In New Zealand, ‘domestic violence’ (or family violence) refers to all violence in family and i...

Formalising Rest and Meal Breaks 2019

The new rest and meal breaks law The new amendments to the Employment Relations Act (ERA) have re-introduced strict requirements with regar...

How Flexible Work Can Be A Business Benefit

The standard 9-5 work day is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Your needs as a business owner have changed, the needs of the customers...

MBIE’s Stern Warning to Employers

Director and managers personally liable for employment law breaches The Labour Inspectorate has issued a statement reminding individuals, i...

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