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Public holidays – are you ready for Easter and ANZAC Day?

Leave entitlementsApril 6, 2017

Public holidays – are you ready for Easter and ANZAC Day?

April brings an interesting few weeks with a number of public holidays across three consecutive weeks. Depending on where your employees are based across New Zealand this year April has not only the Easter celebrations, but also ANZAC Day and in Southland there is an Anniversary Day on Easter Tuesday.

With so many public holidays coming your way, now is an ideal time to ensure you understand what entitlements your employees are to receive on each day. This will ultimately depend on when you open, whether the employee usually works, which public holiday it actually is, and as with any issue of employee entitlements what is written in the employment agreement is also important.

The following days are public holidays this April:

14 April Friday Good Friday National
17 April Monday Easter Monday National
18 April Tuesday Southland Anniversary Day Southland
25 April Tuesday Anzac Day National


The day of the week on which the public holiday falls is an important factor in determining what your employees are entitled to receive. Employers are bound to recognise only 11 public holidays across the calendar year, so be sure to make it clear which days your business will be open and which employees are going to be working on these days.

Even though public holidays create a long weekend, that is sure to be enjoyed by your employees, some may take the chance to use sick leave and have an extra long weekend. In order to try and minimise the impact on your business there are a couple of things you can do to make sure it is genuine sick leave if employees use it.

Some tips can be to require employees to call you, or a manager, and to not accept text message or voicemails. Other tips can be requiring employees to get a medical certificate for the day off. These are examples only, and your policies or employment agreement should be followed as a guide of what is acceptable to require from employees.

For help managing employee entitlements around public holidays, or how to handle leave requests around the same public holidays, contact Employsure on 0800 675 700.

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