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Record keeping checklist.

Record keeping checklist.

Good record keeping ensures that employee’s remuneration and leave entitlements are correct and prevents misunderstanding between the employer and employee. Time and wage records need to reflect which days an employee has worked and which days they have not worked, days taken as leave and what type of leave was taken.  Importantly, it is a legal requirement that employers are able to show through written records that they have correctly given employees all minimum entitlements including the minimum wage and annual holidays.

The below infographic outlines some records employers should be keeping to prove their compliance and meet record keeping obligations. While some details are required by law, some are recommended as best practice. The table below is meant as a guide only and is not an exhaustive list. For information specific to your workplace contact Employsure on 0800 675 700.

We suggest downloading this checklist here to use as a reference.

Record keeping checklist.


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