Personal Grievances: The Ultimate Employer Guide

Learn more about personal grievances, and how to potentially avoid their escalation in this guide.


In any relationship, even a good relationship, sometimes a person feels they are being treated unfairly. This can also be the case in an employment relationship.  

Rather than making an emotional decision to end things then times get tough, as an employer perhaps you could try and resolve matters first. Or better still, take steps to prevent an issue from arising in the first place. 

Use this guide to help you better understand options are available to you.  

Covered in this guide: 

  • An explanation of personal grievances 
  • An overview of unjustifiable dismissal, unjustified disadvantage, discrimination, bullying, and sexual and racial harassment 
  • The personal grievance process 
  • How to manage a personal grievance claim 
  • How mediation works 

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