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Running a small business is incredibly rewarding. But it can also be incredibly challenging. Operating in one of the most complex workplace relations systems in the world, it’s easy to find yourself on the wrong side of legislation, facing costly legal proceedings in respect of employment matters or reparation costs when in breach of the Health and Safety At Work Act.

That’s why we’ve developed Employsure Mutual Limited and Employsure Protect exclusively for clients of Employsure. Employsure Protect offers protection to members who have been financially impacted by the cost of legal action brought against them.

Employsure Protect allows greater flexibility in supporting and reimbursing members against claims. Employsure Mutual has no shareholders but is owned by its members existing solely to provide discretionary protection and benefits for those members. Any surplus funds are reinvested in the Mutual in the interests of members.

Because membership of the Mutual is exclusive to Employsure clients, members benefit from the improved risk profile that Employsure’s core services deliver, resulting in lower overall claims costs.  By pooling contributions for discretionary protection, the Mutual is able to manage claims within its agreed pooled risk retention and to leverage the strength of the membership to buy insurance for the mutual to ensure it is always able to cover all claims above the pooled risk.  The savings achieved can be passed through to members.

With Employsure Protect we are stronger together.

With Employsure Protect, we are stronger together

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Employsure Mutual is controlled by a board that includes directors who are Employsure clients – small business owners just like you who understand the risks and challenges of running a small business. Employsure Protect offers increased limits of protection, broader cover and peace of mind in the event that your business is impacted by legal action. The board is able to exercise its discretion in areas of membership, scope and cost of protections and claims.  This discretion provides a level of flexibility that commercial insurers can find difficult to balance with the competing needs of shareholders.

The protection provided by Employsure Protect is a discretionary risk product and is provided by Employsure Mutual Limited (AFSL 544 232). Employsure Mutual is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia. Employsure Mutual has appointed Employsure Pty Ltd as its Authorised Representative (No. 001274577) to manage distribution in Australia. Employsure Limited has been appointed by the Mutual to handle distribution as a discretionary risk product in New Zealand. These arrangements ensure that all client/member communications will continue with Employsure.

Full details of the protection are contained in the Product Disclosure Statement and should be carefully considered along with the Target Market Determination to determine whether the product is suitable for you.  The advice contained on this page is general and does not consider your personal objectives, financial situation or needs.

Employsure Protect provides two areas of protection:

Employment relationsHealth and safety statutory liability
Legal liability and defence costs in respect of employment claims and actions arising out of an employment claimLiability for reparation costs and defence costs arising from breaches of the health and safety legislation
Limit $400,000 any one claimLimit $400,000 any one claim
Annual limit $2,000,000 in the aggregateAnnual limit $2,000,000 in the aggregate
Additional $5,000 cover for investigation (new feature)Nil excess
Nil excess
The above is a summary of the protection provided for businesses in New Zealand full details of which are included in the PDS.

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