• Job Description

    A basic written statement that describes the tasks, role, scope, working conditions, rate of pay and responsibilities of a job. Job descriptions are commonly posted on job listings to promote the opening of a new position. More detailed descriptions are often found in employment agreements.

    The purpose of a job description is to give candidates a clear idea of what they can expect from the job and to save the business time (and money) by only attracting candidates who have the right skills, experience and qualifications.

    Job descriptions often need updating to coincide with changes to the organisation, new technology and the responsibilities of the role itself.

  • Jury Service

    A form of community service leave where the employee is required to attend jury service. While on jury service, the employee’s job is protected and the Ministry of Justice pays for their time. It is illegal for an employer to threaten to dismiss or discriminate against an employee who attends jury service.

    However, if having an employee away from work will be hard for the employer, they can request jury service to be pushed back to a later date.

    Some employers choose to ‘top up’ the amount of money paid by the Ministry of Justice so the employee continues to receive their ordinary rate of pay. An employee can request this top-up in person or check the terms of their employment agreement for clarification.

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