• Keeping-in-Touch Days

    Days where an employee on parental leave chooses to come back to work. Employees can only do certain types of work on these days such as attending meetings, training or participating in planning sessions.

    While on parental leave, an employee can only do a total of 52 hours or less of paid work, and they cannot have a keeping-in-touch day within the first 28 days of their child being born.

    If an employee breaches any of these terms, they are deemed to be back at work. This means they will get no more parental leave payments and they might need to repay any payments they got after being deemed to be back at work.

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

    A measurable value that defines how well a business is doing to achieve its business goals.

    Different KPIs can be created to monitor the performance of the entire business and individual departments or employees. Choosing the right KPIs will depend on the industry, what aspect of the business need improving and the most ideal outcomes.

    These days KPIs can be created and monitored with KPI software that offer a range of customisation options. This makes it easy to quickly adjust the goal posts if the economic market or business objectives change.

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