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Ending the employment relationship.

There are many ways to end the employment relationship. It can be a voluntary choice made by the employee to resign, retire or abandon their employment. Or an involuntary choice where the employer decides to end the employment relationship by means of dismissal, constructive dismissal or redundancy.

In most cases, either party has to give notice of their intent to end the employment relationship. However, in the case of serious misconduct, the employer may be able to immediately dismiss the employee, following a disciplinary process.

The Privacy Act 1993

Legislation that governs the collection and disclosure of personal information. In the workplace, employers must follow the basic principles of the act when collecting and storing personal information about their employees. The act also determines an employee’s ability to access and request changes to their personal information.

Any breaches of the Privacy Act 1993 may be subject to investigation from the Privacy Commission or Human Rights Review Tribunal.

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