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Work appraisals can be a simple yet highly effective way of ensuring you and your employee are on the same page in terms of what is expected from the job. Appraisals do not need to be formal and do not need to be on a set timeframe. However, they should be documented and the more often they occur, the less risk there is of problems developing.

Appraisals at work

Unless it is outlined in the employment agreement, contract, or any workplace policies there is no requirement for a formal time period or structure for an appraisal, but there are a few tips you should consider for every employee and their appraisal. Additionally, some employers may choose to use a 90 day trial period as a way to assess a new employee’s suitability for the role.

Setting clear goals and objectives as to what is expected is an easy way to ensure employees are clear on what they need to accomplish. In this process, not only should you outline what you expect but employees should be encouraged to state what they would like to accomplish.

At every work appraisal employees can feel pressured and under the microscope, but it is important that issues are raised. In evaluating an employee during a work appraisal consider discussing what goals have and haven’t been achieved, whether the employee is still enjoying the job, anything else that is impacting on their job whether this is positive or negative, and a discussion around pay increases or bonuses being the final step.

Following the above process will ensure that not only is everyone clear about what is expected from the employee, but also that the employee feels they are directly influencing their own goals.

Should appraisals be documented?

As with any discussion between employers and employees, during appraisals, there can be misunderstandings. These can be limited by documenting the meeting. Employers should, as best practice, write what happened at the meeting and what was agreed, while not forgetting to share this with the employee.

Appraisals can be an effective tool in addressing performance issues before a full and formal performance review, and encouraging more input from the employee is a great way to ensure they are directly involved in improving their own goals and objectives.

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