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Absenteeism – Senior Adviser Q&A

Views: 1244Posted 14-05-2018

Advice Team Leader, Ava Kulkarni, talks us through employee absenteeism at the workplace. Gain a better understanding of how to manage your employees who misuse sick leave.

Absenteeism would probably be described as any time that an employee is either rostered on to work or is a regular work day for them but they don't actually show up to work. This is probably one of the most common calls that we get on the advice line here is, you know, issues around absenteeism and, you know, the problem with absenteeism is it could be as a result of sick leave as a result of the employee abandoning their position or, you know, just unauthorized absence. Probably one of the most difficult situation the employer is in is when they cannot figure out if the employee's actually unwell or sort of misusing their sick leave. So I think one thing an employer can look out for is when there is some sort of pattern to the sickness. So if an employee's away every other Monday, for example, there's a chance that it might not be a genuine sick leave day. And when that's the case, when an employer starts to notice some sort of pattern then there's some processes that we can take them through in order to address that particular situation. Probably the first step to take is, you know, gather the evidence that they have in terms of how they found out that the employee potentially wasn't genuinely unwell and then we would probably take the employer through disciplinary process in terms of putting that allegation to the employee, finding out what the employee's response to that is, and then seeing if, you know, giving them a warning for that for that particular allegation of misconduct would be justified.

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