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Public holiday entitlements.

Views: 1070Posted 07-12-2017

This animation outlines the facts that employers need to know about public holiday entitlements, including how much to pay employees that work on public holidays, and whether they are entitled to a day in lieu.

There are eleven public holidays each year in New Zealand, and understanding the correct entitlements can be a headache for employers. If a public holiday falls on a day usually worked for an employee, they are entitled to a paid day off. However, as many businesses continue trading on public holidays, an employer may request that staff work, as long as this has been written into the employment agreement. Employees working on a public holiday must be paid at time and a half their usual rate, whether they are full time, part time, or casual. If the public holiday falls on a day the employee would usually work, they are also entitled to receive a day in lieu. Public holidays that fall during a weekend are observed on the following Monday or Tuesday. This is unless the employee usually works on the exact day, in which case the entitlements apply for the exact day instead. An employee will not get two public holidays for the same occasion. If a public holiday falls during an employee’s annual leave, employees are still entitled to be paid, so public holiday hours are not deducted from their leave balance. For more information about your obligations as an employer, speak to Employsure today.

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