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‘Enjoy the Journey a little more’

Gordon McKerchar shares his 25-year long business journey. He discusses the importance of embracing technology and outsourcing to experts when necessary. Most importantly, he shares his words of wisdom when it comes to coping with deadlines.

My father came to me 25 years ago with an opportunity that he had seen to work with cars and I was working in a cafe at the time and it was kind of just one of those, why not moments. 25 years on, I'm still here I like seeing that smile on a happy customer's face that's probably the best thing. Embrace technology, technology has changed our industry. When we started out we had to do it all by hand and as time's gone on new tools, new products have made a huge difference. And outsourcing to experts – not having to know everything, not having to be the expert in every field. Using professionals that can give you the answers so you can focus on doing what you're good at and doing what you enjoy. I think the biggest skill that I've learned is that the world doesn't end. So if I kind of can't get a job finished at five o'clock on a Friday afternoon, the customers aren't going to disappear, the world's not going to end. It'll all be there next week or Saturday morning. If we have to do something urgently, I think that's probably the biggest thing I've learned. If I was going to give some advice to a younger me, I would first of all say take some time, don't take things so seriously. Enjoy the journey a little more, don't focus so much on all the minor details and having to do everything.

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'Enjoy the Journey a little more' Gordon McKerchar shares his 25-year long business journey. He discusses...

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