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New starter induction, more than just a friendly face

The Challenge New starters can invigorate any business, bringing much needed relief to overworked colleagues in times of high demand, perha ...

Presenteeism – when employees are at work but just not present

Ever woken up and felt like you were coming down with sickness but could not justify staying home? Many workers in today’s vigorous workfo ...

Change is inevitable, how you manage it is crucial.

Change is inevitable and all businesses, large or small, will at times need to adapt to remain competitive. Employsure explores change optio ...

Four reasons employers lose their best staff.

Every employer knows the value of good employees. They are one of the most valuable aspect of any business, driving its productivity and mak ...

How to create the perfect employee.

Every business wants a team of perfect employees, but is this actually an achievable expectation? Whilst the perfect employee may be a bit ...

The risks of social media in the workplace

The use of social media may seem like a minefield of risk for employers, especially with confusion around what constitutes bullying via soci ...

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