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Employment Law Changes

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Employment Law Changes

Court Clarifies Conditions of Fixed Term Employment

The court case The Employment Court has handed down a judgment recently that provides some clarity to fixed term employment provisions. ...

The Essentials of Domestic Violence Leave

According to the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse, there were 118,910 instances of domestic violence investigated by police in 2016 ...

What can you offer employees instead of a pay rise?

Money doesn't have to be the default means of compensation – here's how you can reward employees instead It can be a tricky scenario. Wha ...

New Zealand Minimum Wage Increase: Everything You Need To Know

The New Zealand Government has announced that it will increase the national adult minimum wage to $18.90 an hour, effective from April 1 202 ...

COVID-19 Leave Payment: Why It Has Been Modified

This blog is up to date as of Tuesday 7 April 2020. Updated - The New Zealand Government has modified the previously-announced COVID Leav ...

What Does New Zealand's Alert Level Change Mean For Employers?

The Covid Alert Level system is an initiative by the Government to help concisely and transparently communicate to all New Zealanders how au ...

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