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Leave entitlements

Presenteeism – when employees are at work but just not present

Ever woken up and felt like you were coming down with sickness but could not justify staying home? Many workers in today’s vigorous workfo ...

The business owners guide to Waitangi Day entitlements.

It is common that as Waitangi Day approaches, many people are excited to enjoy a day off from work. However as a business owner, a public h ...

Ask a specialist: Do I need to honour pre-booked holidays at the commencement of employment?

Holidays are a luxury that everyone deserves, hence why such entitlements are included in employment law. However, holidays take time to pla ...

Public holidays – are you ready for Easter and ANZAC Day?

April brings an interesting few weeks with a number of public holidays across three consecutive weeks. Depending on where your employees are ...

Sick of sick days?

Overuse of sick days amongst employees can be hard to manage and can also reveal a deeper lying issue, so it’s important for employers to ...

Ask Our Specialist - How compassionate should employers be?

The loss of a close relative will often prompt employees to take time away from work, in many cases this will see employees utilise bereavem ...

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