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Minimum wage set to rise.

Minimum wage rates are reviewed every year. The Government announced in January that the minimum wage will increase by 50 cents to $15.75 o ...

Landmark wage decision - are you up to speed?

In April this year, the New Zealand Government announced a funding boost that will see wages amongst some of the health sector’s lowest pa ...

Farmers left with slim pickings.

Fresh from a recent Labour Inspectorate operation, the kiwifruit industry of the Bay of Plenty has been left red-faced with a disappointing ...

Wages or Salary - do you know your obligations?

Employers can often overlook the subtle differences impacting those employees paid a wage compared to those paid a salary. It is unlawful ...

Managing Casuals.

  Managing Casuals. Businesses employing casual staff do so for a number of reasons, but as is the case with most features of w ...

The ‘domino effect’ of the minimum wage increase

1 April has seen the minimum wage increase by 75 cents to $16.50 an hour. As the largest minimum wage increase since 2008, it’s fair to sa ...

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