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Five simple ways to thank your employees

Five simple ways to thank your employees

Thanking employees is not just a nice gesture; it increases productivity, and helps your business in many ways. However, acknowledging employees who make a difference often becomes an “I’ll-get-around-to-it-later” task for busy employers. Many wait too long for the compliments to have the desired impact, fail to match praise with the achievement, or forget to say a simple “thank you” altogether.

So, if you have been faltering lately in giving your employees recognition, what better day than Employee Appreciation Day to take action.

Here are five simple (and cost effective) ideas:

Interesting work

When your employees excel, reward them by designing interesting projects or tasks for them to work on. At no cost, your employees are intellectually stimulated while they develop their work skills. Your employees win, and your business wins, too.


Everyone wants to be recognised and appreciated for doing a great job. One of the easiest and most effective ways to reward your employees at no cost, is to recognise them openly for their efforts among other employees. Announcing their accomplishments in staff meetings, sending out email messages that congratulate your employees for their fine work will go a long way. Give it a try. What have you got to lose? This technique is free, easy, and very effective.

Time off

In today’s busy world, time off from work has become an increasingly valuable commodity. People want to spend more time with their friends and families and less time at work. Even an hour off – your employees will feel rewarded and appreciated. They will return refreshed from the time off and grateful for the recognition that you gave for their efforts.


Employees want more than ever to know how they are doing in their jobs. The only one who can really tell them how they are doing is you, their employer. Ask them to join you for lunch or to get a coffee. Ask them how they are going and whether they need help with their work. Indeed, the more feedback you give your employees, and the more often you give it, the better able they are to respond to your needs and to the needs of your business.


Employees highly value being given the autonomy to perform their work the way they see fit. No one likes a manager who micromanages the way something should be done and correcting them every time. Tell your employees what you need them to do, provide them with the necessary training, and then give them the opportunity to decide how they will achieve the task. This approach increases the likelihood that they will perform to your expectations. If that is not a good enough reason, independent employees bring fresh ideas, energy, and initiative to their jobs, too.


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