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Get Ready Week – What Can Employers Do?

Published October 09, 2017 (last updated November 16, 2020) -

Get Ready Week runs for one full week in October and encourages every New Zealander to stop and think about how prepared they are for a natural disaster. Aligning with the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction (13 October), this is an excellent time for employers to also think about what a natural disaster means for their workplace.

Stay Safe, Stay Informed

This year’s theme is to stay informed, meaning radio, online, contacting neighbours, and emergency mobile alerts are all communication channels during a disaster. The same applies for the workplace, but with a much more localised focus.

Are employees ready?

There are some simple things employers can do to manage how ready employees are for a natural disaster in their workplace.

Ensuring there are emergency exit signs around the workplace and staff know where to go during the different types of emergencies are some obvious first steps. Following on from this, having practice runs or drills to ensure staff are confident of how to respond to any emergency can also be a simple life-saving procedure.

Another important piece is whether the disaster is an earthquake, fire, or any other devastating natural disaster, employees know how to respond accordingly. Meaning, employees would respond very differently to a fire than they would an earthquake.

Get advice early

Having procedures and policies in place in the unlikely event of a disaster is a prevention method. Preparing for an emergency cannot be done after the event so employers should get their workplace ready now. For advice on how to handle emergency procedures, employers can contact Employsure on 0800 568 012.

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