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Why Good Job Descriptions Are Good Business

Published November 13, 2018 (last updated on April 17, 2024) | Adam Wyatt - Copywriter and Content Creator


More than a routine procedure, a Job Description is one of your most important corporate documents. When written properly, they protect your business and help your employees thrive. Here’s why you shouldn’t cut corners on your Job Descriptions.

They Ensure Effective Recruitment and Promotion

A good Job Description clarifies the expectations and requirements of the role so you can attract the right applicants.

They Build Accurate Organisational Structures

A clear Job Description allows you to efficiently and effectively structure and align roles within your organisation.

They Manage Performance And Conflict Management

Well written Job Descriptions provide objective reference points for appraisals, performance reviews, resolving disputes and disciplinary issues.

They Guide Training and Development

A Job Description is a reference point to identify an employee’s training needs, as well as setting appropriate goals for the employee’s development and career progression within the business.

They Help Injured Employees Back To Work

Good job descriptions allow you to assess and facilitate an employee’s return to work from an enforced period of leave by establishing light or modified duties.

They Protect Your Business

Job Descriptions help you defend claims of discrimination during the recruitment process and beyond, while providing a basis to defend any decision to terminate employment for poor performance.

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