Crane and Cartage

Published August 13, 2018
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This month’s edition of Small Business State of Mind features Regan Dowdall from Crane and Cartage, who talks about his family business and the importance of doing something you enjoy, and doing it well.


  • Crane and Cartage

    So Crane & Cartage is a family operating operator business specialising in hybrid. Mom and dad own the business, then its myself and my younger sister – she also works in the business. Her husband also is one of our senior drivers; as far as family goes, and then the rest are all employees. Because we’re working in a family business it does have its challenges so overall I’d say, you know, we work pretty well as a team. So business has been going now for 34 years. Dad started off as an agricultural contractor, he had tractors and various agricultural implements down in Whakatane. Things took a bit of a downturn for him with that and so he came and started the trucks with his brother. For me, I actually grew up around the business so I started off going in the trucks everyday with dad prior to going to school and then every opportunity I got after that, I did as well. Caitlin is my third boy and he’s pretty keen on getting involved as well. He spends any time he can in the trucks – school holidays, weekends. Choose something that you enjoy and do it well. So I guess it’s about really about finding systems that can keep you doing what you enjoy but maintaining what else has to be done as well within the business.

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