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Our cost-effective service allows you to budget for complete protection and achieve peace of mind when it comes to employee management and workplace safety. We will conduct a review of your current documents and processes, offer you protection and provide solutions to various challenges you may face.

  • Fixed monthly fee

    No hidden costs or hourly rates
  • Day or night advice service

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  • Representation

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Our services are focused on two major aspects within your business:

Employment relations

  • Achieve peace of mind with tailored documentation to suit the needs of your business
  • Unlimited access to our advice service
  • A proactive approach to workplace relations

Health and Safety at Work

  • Identify gaps to improve health and safety at work
  • Receive a health and safety manual and handbook tailored to your business
  • Legislation and industry updates

During this process, a highly trained consultant will visit your workplace, thoroughly reviewing your current employee practices, activities and documentation to determine if it advances your interests in respect to employee management and health and safety at work.

After the review, your consultant will provide a report, identifying any areas for improvement and you can reach out to our advice team to provide the necessary advice and documentation you require.

Access to our Advice service is unlimited so you can be assured there will be no additional cost for calling us at any time. Our experienced team are available day or night to provide the advice you need at the time you need it.

Our Advisers are trained to give commercial and pragmatic help across all industries and professions, for businesses both large and small.

Access to our Advice service is unlimited so you can be assured there will be no additional cost to call us at any time

In the event of a protected claim, we will work with you every step of the way and if the matter goes to court, we will refer you to our partner law firm for representation.

If needed, a representative will attend hearings, prepare documents and conduct negotiations while keeping you informed of your position throughout the proceedings.

If you are not protected, we can assist you in sourcing legal representation at a competitive price.

Our clients are safeguarded against the financial costs of workplace claims, litigation and the legal risks of running a small business.

Employsure Protect is a discretionary mutual product issued by Employsure Mutual. Funds from member contributions are pooled and used to protect and cover members facing legal liability stemming from employment relations or health and safety claims.

Our clients are safeguarded against the financial costs of workplace claims

An additional service for those employers who would like us to be more involved with their business. Through this service we provide in-house training, on-site support, grievance investigations and reports, workplace reviews and are able to cover multiple business sites.

  • On-site, teleconference or videoconference

    For those who have more than one place of business and require additional workplace reviews
  • Service when you need it

    Focus on running your business
  • In-House Training

    Specialised training you can extend to your employees and management team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of advice do you provide?

    Employsure can offer advice and support on various aspects of the Employment Relations Act and the Health and Safety at Work Act. These cover employment relations, and workplace health and safety.

  • Can I call Employsure on a one-off basis?

    Our Employer Advice Line operates 24/7. This service is for business owners and employers. It can give you generalised advice but we always recommend meeting with one of our consultants at your business so we can better understand your situation and provide more tailored support.

  • What are your contract terms?

    We offer one, three and five year contract options that cover various aspects of our service offering. Please contact us at 0800 568 012 to discuss the best option for your business.

  • Are there additional services for employers?

    Clients can also access services such as BrightHR, BrightSafe and Face2Face. In addition, Employsure clients also have access to Employsure Protect, a discretionary mutual product that provides protection for legal liability and defence costs arising from employment relations and health and safety matters.

  • What is Employsure Protect?

    Employsure Protect is discretionary protection offered by Employsure Mutual Limited as an alternative to traditional insurance. Discretionary protection is not insurance – the essential difference is the discretionary nature of the protection.

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